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Taking photographs from different angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles
why you should. For these photographs you’re going to find something small that you can place, photograph it, then reposition it. Remember the project at this stage is about taking photographs from different angles. If you prefer you can set the subject in one place and move around it, and get different shots like that.

Bad advice for photographers - never try these (ever)

Bad Advice For Photographers – Never Try These (Ever)

Bad advice, I’ll give you bad advice. You’ll be sorry you asked for it. The internet is full of good advice. You’re sick of that, aren’t you. Well I’ll have none of it. I’ll give you very sound, very bad advice. Don’t blame this article if you end up with photographs. You’ll obviously be misinterpreting all this good bad advice. You don’t want to be using your camera for taking photographs.

9 good reasons you should take photographs

9 Good Reasons You Should Take Photographs

Take photographs, here are some good reasons that you should, if you feel you need reasons. Perhaps you’ve just got a new smartphone, with a camera, and you want to use it. Off course you don’t need a reason, you can just pick it up and start taking photographs. You’re likely to always have your phone with you, so you never have to miss a photo opportunity.