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photograph the same subject every week

Photograph The Same Subject Every Week

Photograph The Same subject Every Week
for a set time, perhaps for a full year. This project is better done with a landscape subject, rather than say, a still life. The landscape will change every week, while the still life will never change. You can start this project at any time but you need to keep it going for several months at least.
That way you can see how things change at different times of the year.

So what is aperture and does it do much?

So What Is Aperture Value ?

So What Is Aperture?
The aperture value along with shutter speed and ISO work together when taking a photograph.
They control taking the photo and what it will look like regarding the colour, brightness, sharpness, and focus. When you press the shutter release to take a photograph you open a mechanism in the lens which lets light in. That mechanism is the aperture.

366 Photo project in 2020

366 Photo Project In 2020

Take 366 Photos In 366 Days
A photograph everyday if possible. 366 photo project, every four years a 365 photo project can become a 366 photo project. A leap year has an extra day, so a year long leap year project can also have one. You can start a year long project on any day of the year, it doesn’t have to the 1st January.

How does shutter speed work?

How Does Shutter Speed Work?

How Does Shutter Speed Work?
It governs the amount of time the aperture will remain open when you press the shutter release button. When you press the shutter release button on a camera, you will open the aperture, which will let light into the camera. That light coming into the camera, is the light that is reflected off the scene in front of the camera at that time. During the time the shutter is open it will take a picture of the scene in front of it.

Try some waterscape photography close to home

Try Some Waterscape Photography Close To Home

Try Some Waterscape Photography Close To Home
There are several common types of geographical water feature. They include oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and canals. There are also occasional bodies of water such as floods and turloughs. You’ll discover that they make great subjects for photography.

How to photograph fish in an aquarium

How To Photograph Fish In An Aquarium

Photograph Fish In An Aquarium
All this involves is getting access to a home, or other aquarium, and photographing the fish therein. They’re a lively and colourful subject matter, and should be an enjoyable experience.
The speed they swim at makes this a slightly challenging project.

How to simply photograph a glass shadow

How To Simply Photograph A Glass Shadow

Photograph A Glass Shadow
It’s a simple idea but a little bit creative. Just shoot the shadow of something made of glass.
Yes it’s simple idea, just find something made of glass, place it where it will cast a shadow, and photograph the shadow. Now I wonder what is a glass object that will cast a shadow that can be photographed, and that I can find easily? I definitely know that drinking glass is one.

What id exposure compensation?

What Is Exposure Compensation?

Exposure Compensation, What Is It And What Does It Do?
There will be times when you need to use exposure compensation to correct a badly exposed image. So you ask just what is exposure compensation. In essence, it’s when the exposure your camera choses as the optimum exposure is wrong. Instead it will be either too bright or too dark.

Photograph Christmas decorations every year

Photograph Christmas Decorations Every Year

Photograph Christmas Decorations,
And do it every year. Take photos of the colour, the excitement that dominates a whole month every year. Yes it’s that time of year again when everything is about Christmas. Perhaps you got some photography gifts for Christmas and you want to try them out. With so many of them around, why not photograph Christmas decorations. It’s very likely that there’s some in your house, and maybe your garden.

Taking photographs from different angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles
why you should. For these photographs you’re going to find something small that you can place, photograph it, then reposition it. Remember the project at this stage is about taking photographs from different angles. If you prefer you can set the subject in one place and move around it, and get different shots like that.