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Don't blame me if you missed a great photo opportunity

Don’t Blame Me If You Missed A Great Photo Opportunity

You missed a great photo opportunity and you think I’m to blame. I told you that would never work, being a photographer without a proper camera will never work. A smartphone can work, but you must have it with you and accessible all the time. It’s no good at home charging, in your zipped pocket, or talking to you. Off course it does work occasionally, but then everything works occasionally.

When the ocean race came to Galway

When The Ocean Race Came To Galway

When Something Special Comes To Town
The Volvo Ocean Race, which takes place over seven or eight months, stopped over in Galway in 2009. It’s a gruelling yacht race which travels Eastwards around the World every few years. The Ocean Race was first held in 1973-74, and has been completed thirteen times to date. Initially it was held every four years, then moved to every three years, but has gone back to four again.

Bad advice for photographers - never try these (ever)

Bad Advice For Photographers – Never Try These (Ever)

Bad advice, I’ll give you bad advice. You’ll be sorry you asked for it. The internet is full of good advice. You’re sick of that, aren’t you. Well I’ll have none of it. I’ll give you very sound, very bad advice. Don’t blame this article if you end up with photographs. You’ll obviously be misinterpreting all this good bad advice. You don’t want to be using your camera for taking photographs.