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Christmas photograph; Image to decorate the top of this blog post

Christmas Photographs; Why You Should Always Take Some

Christmas photographs; It’s a nice habit to get into building up a portfolio of them over the years.
I think it’s nice to take some at, and especially of things related to that special time of year.
As I write this we’re getting close to December 2020 which will probably very different taking Christmas photographs.
However different it will be, I will still try to take some photos of the event.

What you need to be a photographer

What You Need To Be A Photographer

If you would like to take photographs, and be a photographer, then you need a Camera. Should you like to continue to be a photographer, then you should aim for more equipment. Almost everyone has a Smartphone and that’s a good place to start photography. Possessing even average human curiosity, most people will try out the Camera before long.

7 Photography courses for excellent results

7 Photography Courses For Excellent Results

Improve Your Photography By Taking A Course
Your ability and enjoyment can increase immensely when you undertake to learn photography online. I’ve listed very good online photography courses here. If you would like to learn photography or any specific aspect of photography, you’ll find a suitable course here. There’s a mixture of comprehensive all encompassing courses and short targeted courses.

Your New Year photography wish list

Your New Year Photography Wish List

Photographic Items You Might Like
New Year photography wish list, have you compiled one yet? Another year is slipping by fast and another NewYear is just around the corner. It’s always a time to think about doing something new, or giving a new impetuous to an old pursuit. As a photographer there’s always something different to dedicate some effort to, like a year long photo challenge. There may be some new photo gear that you will add to your photography wish list.

The resources I use everyday in my work

The Resources I Use Everyday In My Work

Photographic Resources I Use
In the course of my work, mainly taking photographs and blogging, I use resources, both hardware and software. Some of them are essential, and others I find make life easier and nicer when I use them. Anything that makes work and life easier is to be welcomed and cherished.
Even work is nicer when you mix in a little pleasure.

Websites offering free graphics for use

30 Websites Offering Free Graphics For Use

30 Websites Offering Free Graphics For Use
Free graphics, at some time all bloggers and graphic artists can make good use of them. In particular they can be used in blog posts, and in designing for commercial use. This is all thanks to the availability of free graphics downloads.

7 Useful Gadgets For Photographic Work

7 Useful Gadgets For Photographic Work

Useful Gadgets For Photographic Work
To add to the everyday equipment that they use. All photographers need a camera of some sort, because they need to take photographs. If they’re content to just use a smartphone, then they can get by without any extra useful gadgets. With a compact camera, it’s essential to add a memory card, but they can manage with that. Moving on to more sophisticated cameras means adding more equipment and accessories.

34 Free Stock Photo Sites For You

They are a great resource available to all on the internet. These include blog owners, graphic artists and people requiring them for social media. When someone is starting a website with a limited budget, they’re extremely useful. Free stock photo sites are a great resource for people who are just starting out and haven’t a big budget.

How to decide which camera should you buy?

How To Decide Which Camera Should You Buy?

Can I tell you which camera takes the best photographs? You want a new camera, that takes the best photographs, and doesn’t cost much money. Can I tell you which one that is? I constantly see questions like this asked online. The inference each time is that the camera is totally responsible for taking photographs.