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Category: Photo Projects

How to display photographs in a grid

How To Display Photographs In A Grid

The idea is to put nine, or sixteen photographs together into one new image. This could be achieved by adding full photos together in rows across and down. That would be an enormous, and probably impossible file size to work with. It’s better to reduce the original photographs to a much smaller size.

Have fun when you photograph fruit

Have Fun When You Photograph Fruit

Photograph fruit, any fruit you like. There’s many different kinds of fruit. Actually doing a quick google search shows up about 2,000 various types. Most of them only grow in certain parts of the Earth. I suppose most of us are only familiar with, or ever encounter, a small portion of them.

How to easily photograph your home city

How To Easily Photograph Your Home City

Why not photograph your city. That’s either the city you were born in, grew up in, or the one you live in now. You don’t need to wait to go to another town, to take photographs. Your city is as good as any other to take photographs of. I bet there’s thousands of people who visit where you live and find plenty to shoot there. Walk about with your camera and try to discover what visitors find and make images of. You walk past great subjects everyday, and they’re so familiar that you don’t notice them.

How to make comic panels with photographs

How To Make Comic Panels With Photographs

Most comics are drawn but there are some that are made with photographs also. There are comic strips and comic panels. Comic strips consist of more than one panel, like Misorts. Comic panels have only one panel, and that’s what I’m demonstrating here. Sometimes I like to try my hand at making comics, and I often do so with photographs.

Photograph outdoor subjects

11 Great Outdoor Subjects To Photograph

Photograph outdoor subjects, just take your camera outdoors and take photographs of many of the things you see there. You can have great fun with a camera indoors, but you’ll have even more outdoors. When you move outside and photograph outdoor subjects, the probability of having fun increases.

17 exciting photographs to stimulate your imagination

17 Exciting Photographs To Stimulate Your Imagination

Exciting Photographs To Stimulate Your Imagination.
Hopefully some of these will be inspiring images to those who have lost the zest they had for photography. Even if you’re still full of enthusiasm, some of these photos might suggest possible shots to you.

A selection of repeating pattern photographs

How To Make Repeating Patterns With Photographs

Repeating patterns, how you can make them with photographs. While normally created using graphics, a recurring design can be produced using photographs. Repeating patterns are used on items like; wallpaper, floor covering, curtain material and decorative wrapping paper.