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Category: Photo Projects

Try some waterscape photography close to home

Try Some Waterscape Photography Close To Home

Try Some Waterscape Photography Close To Home
There are several common types of geographical water feature. They include oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and canals. There are also occasional bodies of water such as floods and turloughs. You’ll discover that they make great subjects for photography.

How to photograph fish in an aquarium

How To Photograph Fish In An Aquarium

Photograph Fish In An Aquarium
All this involves is getting access to a home, or other aquarium, and photographing the fish therein. They’re a lively and colourful subject matter, and should be an enjoyable experience.
The speed they swim at makes this a slightly challenging project.

How to simply photograph a glass shadow

How To Simply Photograph A Glass Shadow

Photograph A Glass Shadow
It’s a simple idea but a little bit creative. Just shoot the shadow of something made of glass.
Yes it’s simple idea, just find something made of glass, place it where it will cast a shadow, and photograph the shadow. Now I wonder what is a glass object that will cast a shadow that can be photographed, and that I can find easily? I definitely know that drinking glass is one.

Photograph Christmas decorations every year

Photograph Christmas Decorations Every Year

Photograph Christmas Decorations,
And do it every year. Take photos of the colour, the excitement that dominates a whole month every year. Yes it’s that time of year again when everything is about Christmas. Perhaps you got some photography gifts for Christmas and you want to try them out. With so many of them around, why not photograph Christmas decorations. It’s very likely that there’s some in your house, and maybe your garden.

Taking photographs from different angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles

Taking Photographs From Different Angles
why you should. For these photographs you’re going to find something small that you can place, photograph it, then reposition it. Remember the project at this stage is about taking photographs from different angles. If you prefer you can set the subject in one place and move around it, and get different shots like that.

Take a photograph everyday for a year

Take A Photograph Everyday For A Year

Take A Photograph Everyday For A Year
You like taking photos, but if you’re not a professional photographer, there will be periods when you don’t take any. This project gets you into the habit of shooting more often. At the end of the year taking a photograph everyday should be a habit.

How to take great photographs and exclude sky

How To Take Great Photographs And Exclude Sky

Exclude Sky While Taking Great Photographs
Landscape is one of the most popular and natural subjects to photograph, and it normally includes the sky. Once you step outside, landscapes are everywhere. They can be rural or urban, depending where you are. Literally you just point and shoot. Sometimes the landscape shot can include non landscape objects that are photographic subjects on their own.

Make simple comics with hotographs

Make Simple Comics With Photographs

We’re all used to comic strips but they’re usually done with hand drawn images. Occasionally, photographs are used in their creation. Making simple comics by using photographs, is very easy and a lot of fun. Basically it requires getting an idea for a comic and then following through with it. You can start with the idea and then find the photograph(s) to make simple comics with.

How to fill the frame with the subject

How To Fill The Frame With The Subject

In photography that means that your subject should occupy the entire photograph. Either zoom in, or move in close enough, so that the object that your shooting will fill the frame. Don’t leave the subject isolated in a vast composition. It may be necessary to train yourself to ensure that you don’t fail to observe properly.

How to make comics with photographs

How To Make Comics With Photographs

Comics and cartoons have traditionally been produced by drawing them, rather than using photographs to make them. Since drawing is being practiced for thousands of years, and photography for less than two hundred, that’s not surprising. Perhaps when photography is being practiced for thousands of years, making comics with photographs might be the norm.