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Category: Photo Projects

Christmas photograph; Image to decorate the top of this blog post

Christmas Photographs; Why You Should Always Take Some

Christmas photographs; It’s a nice habit to get into building up a portfolio of them over the years.
I think it’s nice to take some at, and especially of things related to that special time of year.
As I write this we’re getting close to December 2020 which will probably very different taking Christmas photographs.
However different it will be, I will still try to take some photos of the event.

Beating the COVID19 with indoor photography

Beating The COVID19 Blues With Indoor Photography

Try indoor photography to beat the COVID19 blues which are more prevalent than the virus at the moment. If you’re staying indoors because you have to, or choose to, you can make things easier for yourself, with indoor photography. You can start by just pointing your camera at items in place around the house.

Everyday photography project:February 2020

Everyday Photography Project; February 2020

Everyday Photography February 2020
This is the second month of the year long everyday photography project that I’m doing through 2020. As ever February is the shortest month of the year, but as it’s a leap year, it’s longer than usual. This year February has an extra day making it 366 days in the year as a whole.

Take a photograph everyday' January 2020

Take A Photograph Everyday, January 2020

Challenge Yourself For A Year
By undertaking a year long photography project. Read about two different ways to approach a year long photography project. You can follow one of these or make up your own rules for the photography project you want to complete in a year. It feels like a daunting undertaking but it feels great when you complete it.

12 great photographic projects to challenge you

12 Great Photographic Projects to Challenge You

Challenge Yourself With Your Camera
Try these twelve great photographic projects, and see how much will they challenge you. Some are short ones that won’t take long you long to complete. Others should take you longer, but they should all be enjoyable and fun. There’s a lot of variety in this group of projects which should keep them interesting.

Quick and easy sunset photo editing

Quick And Easy Sunset Photography Editing

How Real Is A Sunset Photograph
Sunset photography editing. I’m going to edit a photograph but I’m only going to use one tool, the curves tool. With it you can take an average sunset photograph, and tone it up, darken it, or down, to lighten it. With some practice and experimentation you can end up with some awesome sunset photography.

Photograph something black on a black background

Photograph Something Black On A Black Background

Photograph Coloured Items
On a background of the same colour. Photographing something black on a black background, or likewise with a different colour sounds a bit ridiculous. It’s a lot of fun to assemble and photograph some items, and a background, all of the same colour. You’re going to finish with a uniformly coloured canvas, but you will, or should, have a normal enough photograph.

How to make a mirror photograph

How To Make A Mirror Photograph

Photo Project, Make A Mirror Photograph
In this project you’re going to make a mirror photograph. What I call a mirror photograph is one where one half is an exact copy of the other half. However the halves are beside each other, but one is reversed. A mirror photograph can be the left side and the right side of a photograph. It can also be the top half and the bottom half of an image. The important thing is that one half mirrors the other exactly.

photograph the same subject every week

Photograph The Same Subject Every Week

Photograph The Same subject Every Week
for a set time, perhaps for a full year. This project is better done with a landscape subject, rather than say, a still life. The landscape will change every week, while the still life will never change. You can start this project at any time but you need to keep it going for several months at least.
That way you can see how things change at different times of the year.

366 Photo project in 2020

366 Photo Project In 2020

Take 366 Photos In 366 Days
A photograph everyday if possible. 366 photo project, every four years a 365 photo project can become a 366 photo project. A leap year has an extra day, so a year long leap year project can also have one. You can start a year long project on any day of the year, it doesn’t have to the 1st January.