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Category: About Photography

27 Useful photographic terms you should know

27 Useful Photographic Terms You Should Know

Photographic terms are words and descriptions that have emerged to describe all things photography related. Some of them are the names of photographic equipment and the accessories that go with them. Other photographic terms have evolved that relate to, and describe the process of taking a photograph.

You should always try to enjoy photography

You Should Always Try To Enjoy Photography

Learn To Enjoy Your Photography
Whatever you want to do or achieve with your photography, one thing you should do is enjoy it. No matter what hobby or career you have, if you’re happy doing it, you will enjoy it. However, if you don’t like what you do, it will just be an unpleasant chore. The more you enjoy your photography, in all probability the better you will become at it.

So what is aperture and does it do much?

So What Is Aperture Value ?

So What Is Aperture?
The aperture value along with shutter speed and ISO work together when taking a photograph.
They control taking the photo and what it will look like regarding the colour, brightness, sharpness, and focus. When you press the shutter release to take a photograph you open a mechanism in the lens which lets light in. That mechanism is the aperture.

How does shutter speed work?

How Does Shutter Speed Work?

How Does Shutter Speed Work?
It governs the amount of time the aperture will remain open when you press the shutter release button. When you press the shutter release button on a camera, you will open the aperture, which will let light into the camera. That light coming into the camera, is the light that is reflected off the scene in front of the camera at that time. During the time the shutter is open it will take a picture of the scene in front of it.

What id exposure compensation?

What Is Exposure Compensation?

Exposure Compensation, What Is It And What Does It Do?
There will be times when you need to use exposure compensation to correct a badly exposed image. So you ask just what is exposure compensation. In essence, it’s when the exposure your camera choses as the optimum exposure is wrong. Instead it will be either too bright or too dark.

How To Read A Histogram

A histogram is a graph showing the spread of tones in a photograph. The darkest tones are on the left of the graph, with the brightest on the right. In this article I hope to explain what it is and how to read a histogram. There are 256 points along the width of the histogram. They start at black numbered 0 at the left edge and continue to point f white at the right.

9 good reasons you should take photographs

9 Good Reasons You Should Take Photographs

Take photographs, here are some good reasons that you should, if you feel you need reasons. Perhaps you’ve just got a new smartphone, with a camera, and you want to use it. Off course you don’t need a reason, you can just pick it up and start taking photographs. You’re likely to always have your phone with you, so you never have to miss a photo opportunity.

Types of photography you can easily conquer

8 Types Of Photography You Can Easily Conquer

Types of photography, there are many of them you can practice. Lots of photographers specialise in one, but it’s worthwhile trying several. You may develop a liking, or become attracted to one type of photography in time. However you should have a go at as many as possible to be sure you’ve picked the best option.