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Another 7 Ways To Earn Money With Photography

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Author: Michael O'Connell

Christmas photograph; Image to decorate the top of this blog post

Christmas Photographs; Why You Should Always Take Some

Christmas photographs; It’s a nice habit to get into building up a portfolio of them over the years.
I think it’s nice to take some at, and especially of things related to that special time of year.
As I write this we’re getting close to December 2020 which will probably very different taking Christmas photographs.
However different it will be, I will still try to take some photos of the event.

Beating the COVID19 with indoor photography

Beating The COVID19 Blues With Indoor Photography

Try indoor photography to beat the COVID19 blues which are more prevalent than the virus at the moment. If you’re staying indoors because you have to, or choose to, you can make things easier for yourself, with indoor photography. You can start by just pointing your camera at items in place around the house.

27 Useful photographic terms you should know

27 Useful Photographic Terms You Should Know

Photographic terms are words and descriptions that have emerged to describe all things photography related. Some of them are the names of photographic equipment and the accessories that go with them. Other photographic terms have evolved that relate to, and describe the process of taking a photograph.

Everyday photography project:February 2020

Everyday Photography Project; February 2020

Everyday Photography February 2020
This is the second month of the year long everyday photography project that I’m doing through 2020. As ever February is the shortest month of the year, but as it’s a leap year, it’s longer than usual. This year February has an extra day making it 366 days in the year as a whole.

Featured photo

How To Unleash The Awesome Power Of Tailwind

Grow Pinterest Traffic With Tailwind
Use Tailwind to schedule your pinning on Pinterest. You can set your pins to publish days, weeks or even months in advance. You can set them to publish right through the twenty four hours that make up a day. There are people using Pinterest somewhere at every hour of the day, Tailwind will help you reach them.

Take a photograph everyday' January 2020

Take A Photograph Everyday, January 2020

Challenge Yourself For A Year
By undertaking a year long photography project. Read about two different ways to approach a year long photography project. You can follow one of these or make up your own rules for the photography project you want to complete in a year. It feels like a daunting undertaking but it feels great when you complete it.

What you need to be a photographer

What You Need To Be A Photographer

If you would like to take photographs, and be a photographer, then you need a Camera. Should you like to continue to be a photographer, then you should aim for more equipment. Almost everyone has a Smartphone and that’s a good place to start photography. Possessing even average human curiosity, most people will try out the Camera before long.