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Monthly Archive: January 2020

What you need to be a photographer

What You Need To Be A Photographer

If you would like to take photographs, and be a photographer, then you need a Camera. Should you like to continue to be a photographer, then you should aim for more equipment. Almost everyone has a Smartphone and that’s a good place to start photography. Possessing even average human curiosity, most people will try out the Camera before long.

Don't blame me if you missed a great photo opportunity

Don’t Blame Me If You Missed A Great Photo Opportunity

You missed a great photo opportunity and you think I’m to blame. I told you that would never work, being a photographer without a proper camera will never work. A smartphone can work, but you must have it with you and accessible all the time. It’s no good at home charging, in your zipped pocket, or talking to you. Off course it does work occasionally, but then everything works occasionally.

You should always try to enjoy photography

You Should Always Try To Enjoy Photography

Learn To Enjoy Your Photography
Whatever you want to do or achieve with your photography, one thing you should do is enjoy it. No matter what hobby or career you have, if you’re happy doing it, you will enjoy it. However, if you don’t like what you do, it will just be an unpleasant chore. The more you enjoy your photography, in all probability the better you will become at it.