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Monthly Archive: December 2019

When the ocean race came to Galway

When The Ocean Race Came To Galway

When Something Special Comes To Town
The Volvo Ocean Race, which takes place over seven or eight months, stopped over in Galway in 2009. It’s a gruelling yacht race which travels Eastwards around the World every few years. The Ocean Race was first held in 1973-74, and has been completed thirteen times to date. Initially it was held every four years, then moved to every three years, but has gone back to four again.

7 Photography courses for excellent results

7 Photography Courses For Excellent Results

Improve Your Photography By Taking A Course
Your ability and enjoyment can increase immensely when you undertake to learn photography online. I’ve listed very good online photography courses here. If you would like to learn photography or any specific aspect of photography, you’ll find a suitable course here. There’s a mixture of comprehensive all encompassing courses and short targeted courses.

12 great photographic projects to challenge you

12 Great Photographic Projects to Challenge You

Challenge Yourself With Your Camera
Try these twelve great photographic projects, and see how much will they challenge you. Some are short ones that won’t take long you long to complete. Others should take you longer, but they should all be enjoyable and fun. There’s a lot of variety in this group of projects which should keep them interesting.

Quick and easy sunset photo editing

Quick And Easy Sunset Photography Editing

How Real Is A Sunset Photograph
Sunset photography editing. I’m going to edit a photograph but I’m only going to use one tool, the curves tool. With it you can take an average sunset photograph, and tone it up, darken it, or down, to lighten it. With some practice and experimentation you can end up with some awesome sunset photography.

Your New Year photography wish list

Your New Year Photography Wish List

Photographic Items You Might Like
New Year photography wish list, have you compiled one yet? Another year is slipping by fast and another NewYear is just around the corner. It’s always a time to think about doing something new, or giving a new impetuous to an old pursuit. As a photographer there’s always something different to dedicate some effort to, like a year long photo challenge. There may be some new photo gear that you will add to your photography wish list.

Photograph something black on a black background

Photograph Something Black On A Black Background

Photograph Coloured Items
On a background of the same colour. Photographing something black on a black background, or likewise with a different colour sounds a bit ridiculous. It’s a lot of fun to assemble and photograph some items, and a background, all of the same colour. You’re going to finish with a uniformly coloured canvas, but you will, or should, have a normal enough photograph.

The resources I use everyday in my work

The Resources I Use Everyday In My Work

Photographic Resources I Use
In the course of my work, mainly taking photographs and blogging, I use resources, both hardware and software. Some of them are essential, and others I find make life easier and nicer when I use them. Anything that makes work and life easier is to be welcomed and cherished.
Even work is nicer when you mix in a little pleasure.

How to make a mirror photograph

How To Make A Mirror Photograph

Photo Project, Make A Mirror Photograph
In this project you’re going to make a mirror photograph. What I call a mirror photograph is one where one half is an exact copy of the other half. However the halves are beside each other, but one is reversed. A mirror photograph can be the left side and the right side of a photograph. It can also be the top half and the bottom half of an image. The important thing is that one half mirrors the other exactly.

Get yourself a beautiful photography website

Get Yourself A Beautiful Photography Website

Get A Photography Website Yourself
There comes a time when a Photographer considers starting a photography website. It may be required for their business. Some may want a Photography Website just to have one. Some Photographer set themselves up as a Wedding Photographer, a Family Photographer, an Event Photographer, or other type of Photographer. They will need a Website if they do. Some Photographers want a Photography Website to sell photos from their portfolio.

photograph the same subject every week

Photograph The Same Subject Every Week

Photograph The Same subject Every Week
for a set time, perhaps for a full year. This project is better done with a landscape subject, rather than say, a still life. The landscape will change every week, while the still life will never change. You can start this project at any time but you need to keep it going for several months at least.
That way you can see how things change at different times of the year.