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Another 7 Ways To Earn Money With Photography

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Monthly Archive: November 2019

How To Read A Histogram

A histogram is a graph showing the spread of tones in a photograph. The darkest tones are on the left of the graph, with the brightest on the right. In this article I hope to explain what it is and how to read a histogram. There are 256 points along the width of the histogram. They start at black numbered 0 at the left edge and continue to point f white at the right.

How to make comics with photographs

How To Make Comics With Photographs

Comics and cartoons have traditionally been produced by drawing them, rather than using photographs to make them. Since drawing is being practiced for thousands of years, and photography for less than two hundred, that’s not surprising. Perhaps when photography is being practiced for thousands of years, making comics with photographs might be the norm.

34 Free Stock Photo Sites For You

They are a great resource available to all on the internet. These include blog owners, graphic artists and people requiring them for social media. When someone is starting a website with a limited budget, they’re extremely useful. Free stock photo sites are a great resource for people who are just starting out and haven’t a big budget.

How to display photographs in a grid

How To Display Photographs In A Grid

The idea is to put nine, or sixteen photographs together into one new image. This could be achieved by adding full photos together in rows across and down. That would be an enormous, and probably impossible file size to work with. It’s better to reduce the original photographs to a much smaller size.

How to start a photography website (today)

How To Start A Photography Website (Today)

Professional photographers need to showcase their work, and amateurs usually like to. For the professionals, their own website is an absolute must have. For amateurs it’s not essential, but for many it is desirable.

Have fun when you photograph fruit

Have Fun When You Photograph Fruit

Photograph fruit, any fruit you like. There’s many different kinds of fruit. Actually doing a quick google search shows up about 2,000 various types. Most of them only grow in certain parts of the Earth. I suppose most of us are only familiar with, or ever encounter, a small portion of them.

How to decide which camera should you buy?

How To Decide Which Camera Should You Buy?

Can I tell you which camera takes the best photographs? You want a new camera, that takes the best photographs, and doesn’t cost much money. Can I tell you which one that is? I constantly see questions like this asked online. The inference each time is that the camera is totally responsible for taking photographs.

How to easily photograph your home city

How To Easily Photograph Your Home City

Why not photograph your city. That’s either the city you were born in, grew up in, or the one you live in now. You don’t need to wait to go to another town, to take photographs. Your city is as good as any other to take photographs of. I bet there’s thousands of people who visit where you live and find plenty to shoot there. Walk about with your camera and try to discover what visitors find and make images of. You walk past great subjects everyday, and they’re so familiar that you don’t notice them.

11 Really useful photo accessories for amazing photography

11 Really Useful Photo Accessories For Amazing Photography

If you’re serious about photography and have a camera system, you probably do. In order to be a photographer, all you need is a camera. That’s all you need to take photographs. If you have a Point and Shoot Camera, a Bridge Camera, or a Camera Phone, you can take photos. They will require a charged battery and a memory card. These can be regarded as part of the camera. Now they’re that essential.

9 good reasons you should take photographs

9 Good Reasons You Should Take Photographs

Take photographs, here are some good reasons that you should, if you feel you need reasons. Perhaps you’ve just got a new smartphone, with a camera, and you want to use it. Off course you don’t need a reason, you can just pick it up and start taking photographs. You’re likely to always have your phone with you, so you never have to miss a photo opportunity.